Geyser.com.bd is a sister concern of Safe Life Technology, established in 2008. Geyser shop was created wholly based on the rising demand for geysers in Bangladesh in recent years. Azizul Islam, The founder of Safe Life Technology sells premium home appliances and seeing the demand for geysers, he has decided to start geyser.com.bd.

Since its inception, Safe Life Technology has gained familiarity and has established a solid market in various cities of Bangladesh. Primary products that the company sells are Water Purifiers, Shower Filters, Water Plants, Geysers, and Security Cameras.

Safe Life Technology sells the most technologically advanced products. With the combination of their support service and premium products, they are able to exceed the expectations of their customers and of their competitors. Safe Life products are available from both local and international brands. Imported products and machinery come from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

The company offers geysers for all kinds of use and in varying storage capacity. Geysers are available for home, office, and industrial use. These products will be set up by the company’s own professional engineers. All the geyser products manufactured by the company are fireproof and engineered for long time use.
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