Best IEGA & Shamim Geyser Collection

IGEA geysers are amongst the best water heater brands in Bangladesh. These are safe, durable, and last for a very long time without needing maintenance. These geysers are intended for both domestic and commercial use.

IGEA has designed its water heaters to be very economical which is needed considering the electricity consumption rate of houses and factories. Its automatic control system has been designed to last for a long time without needing to be replaced. Their products come with rustproof tanks made using either copper or stainless steel (on request).

These IEGA & Shamim geysers are thermally efficient and pressure tested for any sort of tank or internal leaks. Probably the outer part of the geyser will be prone to human touch often, and that might result in scratches and cracks if not handled properly. So, Shamim & Company has used an outer protective layer made of mild steel that is scratch and rustproof. This outer protection is painted with high gloss material. Its glass fiber insulation also drastically helps to improve thermal efficiency.

The installation process is very simple but needs to be carefully maintained in order to get the proper functionality out of these water heaters. In the case of a multi-storied building, the maximum working head should be 60 feet high and a normal water overhead tank for water supply needs to be maintained.

Customers don’t need to worry about the installation process. Once ordered, our team will take care of everything from delivering to setting it up. Our prices are also comparatively lower than our competition, so feel free to purchase from us and for further details contact us; we will be happy to help.


Note: your order will be canceled if the product is out of stock.

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