Best Collection of Tropica Geysers for Domestic & Commercial use

Tropica geysers are comparatively affordable and require almost no maintenance cost. These high performant geysers are manufactured by Shameem & Company. They are very well known in the Bangladeshi market and have been doing business since 1948.

They were the first company to bring out the competitive pricing strategy that made purchasing home appliances such as geysers cheap for general consumers. According to their data, over 5 thousand units are sold to more than five cities throughout the country in 1 year. Their aim is to manufacture sustainable products. As their geysers are electric, these don’t pollute the environment in anyways.

Buying genuine geyser can be difficult as there are many companies selling fake, untested, or unreliable home appliances. Identifying them is also not easy, so it is recommended that customers buy products that are already popular in the market. Our offerings are 100% genuine, we receive the products from authorized dealers


One of the Tropica geysers we recommend for home use is Tropica 07 Gallon Automatic Electric Geyser. This is our cheapest offering from Tropica geysers. It comes with 3 years product warranty. It can hold 7 gallons of water and consumes 1500 Watt energy to heat water. The tank is coated with Glass Wool to have better fire resistance capability. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we also provide our own service warranty for 1 year. Tropica Electric geysers are capable of long time consistent use. Contact us if you want to know more details about the product.


Note: your order will be canceled if the product is out of stock.

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