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On cold winter days, the only way to start your morning comfortably is to have a hot water shower. By having a hot water shower, the muscles of the body start to relax and give a calming feel. But half of the relaxation goes away when you have to first heat up the water to use it. A geyser becomes essential to get comfort during extreme weather conditions without putting much effort. Just turn on the switch and wait for few minutes for the water to warm up to your required temperature and then take shower.

To make customer’s life easier we are offering high performant electric geysers from Regent. We have Regent geysers at varying sizes. For home use, we would recommend 07 Gallon Regent Premium Geyser PM30FM Electric Water Heater. It has a 2 years parts warranty and 8 years tank warranty. The hourly heating capacity of this geyser is 30 liters which are equivalent to 7 gallons. The inner tank is made from 1.2mm stainless steel and uses Glasswoll material for better insulation and fireproofing. Regent geysers have the capability to heat water at high temperatures. You can heat water at up to 80 degrees. Its automatic cut off feature is also very handy. Power will be cut off as soon as the water is warmed up to the appropriate set temperature.

We also offer a 1-year service warranty. So, if anything breaks, malfunctions or you just want to get it checked up, call us anytime.

Note: your order will be canceled if the product is out of stock.

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