Best Geyser Collection from Safe Life

Safe Life is one of the popular brands when it comes to buying geysers. They have been doing business since 2008. The company sells premium geysers at discounted rates and often comes with promotional offers. They have one of the best customer service and support system. Safe Life geysers are available to purchase throughout Bangladesh and will be delivered within a few working days.
Setting up a geyser multiple times can be a hassle and definitely not a fun or less costly experience. It should be a one-time process and one of the ways the quality of a product can be judged is based on how long the product warranty will be. So, Safe Life offers a 3-year warranty with their geyser products.

One of the geysers we recommend for office use is Safe Life Geyser SLG-15-CWH 68 Liter Water Heater. With its 15 Gallon storage capacity, it is a perfect water heating solution for most medium-scale commercial use. This product comes with an automatic power control system, that turns off the heating process as soon as the water is heated to an appropriate level.

Safe Life doesn’t only offer geysers, they also sell other home appliance products for home and commercial use. Their products are manufactured using Italian manufacturing technologies. Products sold under the Safe Life brand name include water purifier, shower filter, water plant, geyser, and security cameras.

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