Our Best Collection of Toma Geysers

Our Toma Geysers are considered to be amongst the best geyser brands in Bangladesh. Using the Italian manufacturing process, we have been very successful in delivering industry-standard products to our customers.

Toma geysers are all-electric. These are safer than fuel-fired geysers as there might be problems created due to combustions during the heating process. It is also nature friendly as nothing is being polluted to the environment. Besides, there are risks of gas tanks being exploded due to a lack of proper maintenance. And sometimes the gas tank provider might even provide damaged tanks, which can be very dangerous. So, the best option considering safety and also maintenance will be to purchase electric water heaters.

Toma geysers are very cost-efficient. Not only the price of purchasing and setting it up but the actual cost of using it. Compared to other brands, it consumes less power, about 1500 Watt. Regarding the warranty, the company guarantees three years tank warranty and two years heater warranty.

The company also offers geysers at varying sizes and customers can even purchase these products along with a safety filter bundled with it. Depending on the needs, customers can purchase geysers starting from 7 gallons to 25 gallons of storage space. For a larger family, it is recommended that customers purchase geyser with a higher storage volume.

The setup process is also very convenient. Customers don’t have to do anything for themselves. Once ordered, we will set it up for them.

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