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It is very difficult to wake up in winter mornings. The hardest part is when you have to use the shivery old water to freshen up or take a shower. Coldwater issue becomes much more difficult if there are elderly or children in the house. There are also risks of accidents. It is estimated that during winter on average about 150 to 200 people suffer from skin burn due to hot water. Electric Geysers are the safest way to avoid such injuries.

Electric geysers might be slightly more expensive than gas geysers, but choosing electric is definitely worth it. There is always a risk of explosion with gas-based products and also requires constant maintenance and care. Refueling gas tanks frequently is also very irritating. Electric geysers are very safe, environment-friendly as it doesn’t pollute, and also our offerings of Hot Point geysers require almost no maintenance.

Hot Point Geysers are comparatively cheaper than other brands. The one we would recommend for office use is Hot Point 67 Liters Electric Geyser with Safety Filter. It is very cheap and comes with a safety filter and a 2-year service warranty. 60 liters of storage capacity is enough for most mid-sized commercial works. It consumes just 1200 Watt to power this electric geyser.

Our customer support system is available 24/7. Customers can contact us at any time of the day to get information about any of our products. Our delivery system is very convenient and we offer discounted products to our customers.

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