Premium Quality Industrial Geysers

Industrial heating equipment is required by almost all large scale companies. Each industry needs it for different types of works. For example, the food and beverage industry needs consistent water flow throughout the production process. They cannot afford any undercooked or overcooked food products, otherwise, it might cause them to waste a lot of food products. Using industrial water heater, they can maintain the specific temperatures at all times. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry requires fresh hot water for cleaning or for any sterilization process.

Our industrial geysers are designed for use in all sorts of industrial applications. These are meant to be used in hotels, hospitals, and factories that need a huge supply of hot water.

One of the products we often recommend to our customers for industrial use is the Safe Life 120 Liter Premium Industrial Water Heater. It is a very durable and low maintenance product. This geyser comes with two years parts warranty and can heat up to 150 liters or 33 Gallons per hour. With an electrical usage rate of 3 KWH, it can operate at the pressure level of 0 to 5 bars and can heat up to 90 Degrees Celsius temperature. Its inner tank is made from 1.5mm stainless steel and can hold up to 120 liters of water.

The insulation capability of our products is also great. This particular geyser is fireproof and has a heatproof coated sheet in the outer part. We will provide one-year guaranteed service warranty.

Note: your order will be canceled if the product is out of stock.

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