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August 7, 2022
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Be careful about 5 things when using Immersion Heaters

Winter is knocking at the door. At this time, I get shivers when I remember to take a bath in the morning. Then your hand moves towards the water heater rod. Many houses do not have a geyser. Everyone uses water heater rods. It heats up water within minutes. But this immersion rod or water heater rod is not very safe as compared to geyser. This rod can cause regent geyser current if not handled carefully. If you are also heating water with this rod in winter, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If a water heater rod has been in use for more than 2 years, it is a good idea to have it checked. Because when it gets old, various problems start appearing in it. Sometimes current can also be applied. Even immersion rods from branded geyser price in bd companies deteriorate after aging. So, before winter comes, an electrician should be seen. Again do not use old and local company water heater rod.

Method of use

Special care should be taken in how to heat the water with the immersion rod. Many people use it in different containers, which increases the risk of electrocution. Not only that, do not move the rod around after placing it in the bucket. Water should be heated by keeping a bucket at one place. Do the rod bar after switching on again. Use it sparingly. Best geyser in Bangladesh Keep children away from the immersion rod.

Old water heater

Often many people continue to use old water heaters for years. Think of the things of reputed companies. nothing will happen But everything has a lifespan. Failure to observe this warning may result in serious injury or electric shock. So don’t do that at all. Retire your home immersion portable geyser heater when it is 2-3 years old. Buy a new one.

Use it like this

When heating the water with the immersion heater rod, take care that it does not move from side to side, or hit the bucket after pouring it into the bucket. Also insert or remove the rod only when the switch is off. As an extra precaution, never remove the iega geyser immersion rod insert while the plug is in place. Do not touch, mug or scoop excess water while the rod is in place. Do not water more or less than the specified spots.

Clean up the mess

Continuous use of the immersion heater rod may cause a white coating on it. As a result, the rod does not heat up quickly. Electricity consumption also increases. So clean the rusted rod with scrubber or brush.

Do not use iron buckets

Do not use immersion water heater rods in iron buckets when heating water. Use plastic buckets. But keep in mind, if the water is too hot, the plastic mayhi tech geyser  melt. Moreover, hot water also mixes with many plastic pollutants. So don’t overheat.

Keep away from children

Do not place hot water on the heater in the middle of the road or where children will come.

But no matter what you do, using this water heater system is a risk. So buy Geyser  from branded companies. is a largest water heater geyser shop in Bangladesh.

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