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Working principle of electric heater

Electric heater is one of the household appliances. The main part of electric heater is Heater element. A heating element is mainly made of good wire. A heating element heat radiation through Heats up a space. And in some cases through the heat transport, conduction and radiation of the heating element

spread out When a room or standard is to be heated, the heating element rotates over a porcelain tube. is twisted. After that, the heat generated by the radiator or in some case the reflector is spread in the room. the water In hot cases, the heating element is enclosed in a metallic tube of thermally conductive or electrically non-conductive water heater price in Bangladesh  insulating powder.

Stays in the seat. The heat generated in this process heats the water in the operating system. Thermostat for temperature control And time control switch is used for time control. Eerie thermostat operation is similar to an electric timer circuit and in some cases mechanical timer circuits are used. Apart from this, heater safety

Control Device is also used. Reactor Fire, Radiant Fire, Bale Fire etc. are used to consider fire. Electric heaters vary in wattage or power. Generally ranges from 450 watts to 3000 watts Conventional electric heaters are available water heater price in bd in the market.

Electric heater works (Electric heater): Electric heater is a type of household appliance that uses electricity. Converts heat into energy. Electric heaters are used for various cooking purposes. Electricity in electric heaters ariston water heater price. The heat generated by the flow can be used to cook various foods and reheat as needed.

goes Electric heaters were widely used in developed countries. The main part of electric heater is heating element. The parts that a heater consists of are- (a) Heating element, (b) Heater base plate, (c) Heater. Hot plate, (d) Rotary switch, (e) Pluck etc. Nichrome alloy for heater with suitable length and cross section

He has That is why the insulator is on the forma. According to the rules, the coil that is made around it is the heating element says Through the heating element. Heat is generated in the flow of current. Chinese clay plates on which the heating is made in a circle

The element is placed on it called the heater base. That is when the heating element is covered with a steel cover the lid is called a hot plate. The heating element is connected to the power source through a plug connected to the cable.

The position of the rotary switch is varied to use the ariston 10 litre water heater  required portion of the heating element.

Heat can be produced. Classification of electric heaters: Heater sizes are small and large

Dimensions: Heaters can be of various sizes, small or large. If the heater is large, however. The patch number and wattage of that heater coil is higher and the heat generated is higher. Cook in a big pot is possible There are different types of electric heaters. They all have electric heaters. Each of these Main purpose of use. One is to generate heat. Real work is done by utilizing this heat in various ways.

No room is hot. Mother, N space or pace heating, water heater immersed in water, external heat. To complete the work of cooking or water the pot through. Heating the enclosed water through heat, through the water bump. To heat, boil or cook something etc. Their types are given below.

Types of electric heaters according to structure:

1. Ba-type radiant electric heater

2. Convention type electric heater

3. Immersion type electric heater

4. Tank type water electric heater

5. Hot-plate type electric heater

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