Working principle of electric heater
August 15, 2022
Geyser Price In Bangladesh
Geyser Price In Bangladesh
May 10, 2023
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How Water Heater work

For a nitrogen electric heater, heat is generated by a thermal heating element placed inside the heater. After heating the choice of the basic principle of liquid heating, the container is heated by forced convection through the entrance; the electric heater operation of the basic principle of liquid heating is forced to transmit the heat through the pump. Continually extract heat to reach the required heating efficiency.

When the medium temperature is close to the set value, ariston geyser price in bangladesh the nitrogen electric heater control system according to the output port temperature sensor signal, PID operation, initiative to adjust the heater output power, so that the output port temperature reaches the required demand; When the temperature of the heating element, the overheating protection device of the heating element takes the initiative to block the heating power for immediate heating, extending the service life of the element

Oil tankers and transportation process of oil and gas transportation have a very important influence in oil and gas storage, mostly oil tanks for oil ariston geyser storage. It is not essential in the process of oil that, such questions, the oil becomes dirty due to low temperature so that the performance of the oil decreases, so the oil cannot be smooth output from the oil. Deal with it? According to [Tank Heating Technology Promotion Center], the new tank part of rapid heat efficiency to deal with such a good question.

Management Policy:

“False hot film heat exchanger” at the bottom of the tank at the bottom of the tank, the heat medium (steam) tube, tube operation, shell suction port directly connected to the tank medium to take oil from the shell. Geyser price in Bangladesh is very reasonable

In the heat exchanger steam inlet temperature control valve, the heat exchanger steam inlet steam control temperature probe in the volume on the oil outlet temperature inspection, and then to ensure the oil temperature stability.

Heat heat exchanger selection of efficient heat exchanger material – eddy current hot film tube, pipe adheres to the oil in the reasonable activity, the thermal power is 3-5 times the normal heat exchanger, and its advanced heat transfer process is: inside the planned activities in the oil fluid undesirable activity And outside, regent geyser the occurrence of a strong vibration and corrosion effect, change the direction of operation, the high temperature oil liquid surface wall is continuously replaced, replaced insulation layer so that damage, metal surface heat transfer speed, liquid micro-eddy current is strong, so that in the internal reinforcement heat spread the oil It is not possible to build the liquid close to the outer wall of the heat pipe, so that the oil cannot be heated properly and sufficiently. Both have good heat transfer, but not a great resistance.

Heating features:

1. Heating speed, heat transfer capacity is high, easy to scale.

2. The amount of oil can be heated, how much can be heated

3. The high temperature part of the oil will not appear, carbonization, so as to ensure the quality of the oil and heat transfer heater power geyser price in bd.

4. The oil tank outlet temperature is the highest, to ensure the welding oil activity.

5. Heat oil to prevent oil recurrence, to ensure oil color, reduce oil processing costs.

6. The use of long life, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high pressure, anti-fouling function, greatly improves the overall function of the heat exchanger.

7. Advanced efficiency and efficiency planning to ensure the smooth flow of oil and the “pumping down” effect is good.

8. Heat control and oil flow control according to steam feed out oil, active control can be completed.

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